Hi! I'm Nikita, a designer from New Zealand, currently based in Stockholm, Sweden.

I’m originally from Christchurch, a city in the south island of New Zealand. I graduated in 2010 with Bachelor of Design, majoring in Visual Communication and Graphics.

For almost four years after graduating I learnt from the very best at Strategy Design & Advertising, an award-winning creative agency in Christchurch. Since then I've been working for a broad range of clients and organisations, with a splash of travel and adventure thrown in for good measure.

From time to time I've also freelanced with different studios and creative agencies. I’ve been lucky enough to work on some great projects with really talented people this way, including McCarthy and Designworks

In 2016 I made the move to the other side of the world and I'm currently based in Stockholm, Sweden working with the wonderful team at Bedow

I occasionally post bits and pieces on instagram: @nikitadudson, or you can reach me by email at hello@nikitadudson.com

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