The Monday Room is a small cafe and wine bar situated in a historic hotel. In designing the brand identity it had to be much more than a logo, an overall graphic approach was needed that would extend right through the interior fit-out to help create a distinct atmosphere. Rich in pattern, colour, texture and warmth, a sense of opulence was created to surprise and envelop people as they entered. 

Creating an 'alternate reality' where patrons can escape from the daily grind

Juxtaposition featured throughout: a quiet sanctuary on a busy street, classic typography for a modern wine bar, lush imagery against raw materials. Links to fantasy, memories and imagination were all important in the overall concept and extended to the use of 19th century illustrations. Knowing that the imagery would be quite powerful, the logo was kept minimalist – a timeless serif typeface set in all caps.

Collaboration credit: Matt Kitto
Project completed while working at Strategy Creative

Awards for this project: 

Silver  Brand Identity (Small Scale)
NZ Best Awards 2012

Finalist Environmental Graphics
NZ Best Awards 2012

AGDA Award
2012 Australian Design Biennale